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Warning: Customs inspected a large quantity of infringing cargo

Warning: Customs inspected a large quantity of infringing cargo



Dapeng Customs inspected 800 sets of infringement display racks

On November 7th, the owner confirmed that the 800 sets of display racks inspected by Dapeng Customs in the export freight channel were suspected of infringing the trademark right of "SNOOPY". A few days ago, an electronic commerce limited company to Dapeng Customs in general trade declaration export display rack a batch. During the on-site inspection, the Dapong Customs officer found 800 sets of "SNOOPY" pattern on the display rack. The right holder confirmed that this batch of goods violated the trademark right of "SNOOPY", and the right holder applied to the Customs for protection.


Nantong Customs detained the steering wheel suspected of infringement according to law

On November 9, as confirmed by the trademark right holder, Nantong Customs previously inspected 4 steering wheels using the "MOMO" logo on the outer packaging box and the center of the front of the steering wheel, which is suspected of infringing the copyright registered by Walker (International) Co., LTD in the General Administration of Customs. The Customs has detained these suspected infringing goods according to the application of the right holder.


Huanggang Customs inspected the export of suspected infringement of 1000 chargers

On November 8, the owner confirmed that Huanggang Customs previously inspected 1000 chargers in the freight export channel suspected of infringing the exclusive right of "UL and graphics" trademark.


Ningbo Customs inspected a batch of illegal auto parts

The Beilun Customs under Ningbo Customs inspected a batch of exported auto parts declared as "brake pads" and found two kinds of undeclared goods, among which the undeclared clutch was printed with "VALEO" and the dryer assembly was printed with "WABCO". The packaging of the goods was simple and the surface spraying and printing of the parts were rough, which was suspected of infringement. "VALEO" (Valeo) and "WABCO" (WABCO) are auto parts brands registered in the Customs Intellectual property system. After confirmation of the right, the above 2 kinds of goods are identified as infringing commodities, a total of 326.


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