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Sea-Intelligence:A surplus of 4.3m TEU containers could flood into America ports

Sea-IntelligenceA surplus of 4.3m TEU containers could flood into America ports


A severe shortage of empty containers has forced shipping companies to order new ones in Asia and funnel them through clogged supply chains. As shipping times get shorter, those extra containers will once again be released from the supply chain and start piling up at ports in Europe and the America.


Sea-Intelligence predicted this development in February 2022, and this week analyzed whether its forecast was on track.




The blue line in the figure shows Sea-Intelligence's current projections for releasing excess empty containers in North America through trans-Pacific trade alone, and the orange line shows its projections from February 2022.


"If transportation time is back to 'normal' by early next year, we will see the release of 4.3 million TEU of excess containers into North America, which cannot be expatriated, within the planned network operations. " noted Murphy.


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