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FBA logistics

Amazon FBA head transportation (United Kingdom, United States, Germany, France, Italy, Amazon) Xunlaitong International uses its own network and logistics advantages to help sellers who use Amazon's global store opening project FBA services to transport goods from China to the United States and the United Kingdom Wait for the services of Amazon warehouses.
Amazon FBA head delivery can provide services:
"UPS Express First Journey" "DHL Express First Journey"
1. Standard service
Transshipment from China to Amazon warehouses in the United States and the United Kingdom or transportation to the transit center in the United States
2. Value-added services
A. Print Amazon label: Print the corresponding label of each product according to the Amazon FBA barcode content requirements
B. Labeling fee: According to Amazon FBA storage requirements, each product is affixed with a corresponding barcode
C. Sorting fee: According to the type and quantity requirements of Amazon FBA warehousing products, sorting and packing in boxes
3. Return service
We can provide our company in the United States to assist in handling returns from Amazon warehouses. Help customers to re-operate the shipment resend to warehouse or other processing.
According to the relevant operational requirements arising from the actual situation, additional fees will be charged.
4. Extended service
The U.S. transit center transports to Amazon warehouses in the U.S., as well as delivery in the U.S. mainland.
V. Service Advantages
Safely and securely deliver goods from China to Amazon warehouses.
It can assist in handling customs clearance and tax issues, reducing customs clearance issues and resulting return items.
Provide unique value-added operation services, and carry out operations such as boxing and barcode sticking according to Amazon's storage requirements.
The U.S. transit center can assist sellers in dealing with abnormal goods rejected and returned by Amazon warehouses, so as to avoid high logistics costs directly returned to China.
6. Special attention:
FBA goods must be normally forecasted by our company, so that our US transit center can operate normally. Without forecasted goods, our US warehouse has the right to reject the goods and will not assist in any customs clearance activities, and will not be responsible for any loss of goods.