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Engineering logistics


Xunlaitong – Project Logistics

 Xunlaitong specializes in providing one-stop logistics transportation services for import and export of special cabinets (open top/frame flat cabinets/BBK) + bulk/heavy lift ships + roll-on ships for oversized and heavy cargo in basic ports across the country, including not Booking space for regular ships, leasing of bulk and heavy lift ships, and related supporting services on the ground at various ports and terminals: land transportation of heavy and oversized cargo by low-board special vehicles, warehouse loading and unloading, packaging, lashing, reinforcement, loading supervision, road survey, Customs brokerage, domestic terminal ground operations and operation of various hoisting tools (car cranes, floating cranes, shore cranes, etc.).

Cargo includes: engineering equipment, electrical equipment, transformers, engineering vehicles, yachts, steel, steel structures and other heavy oversized cargo.

  Hunter huang 黄高航


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