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Transit in Taiwan

  Many friends who have a little understanding of the tripartite trade should know that Taiwan is a new re-export place. Compared with Malaysia, there are more physical factories in Taiwan for certain products such as fasteners, and due to some special political reasons , Taiwan has also become a natural safe haven for re-exports to the United States. Of course, as an excellent re-export point, Taiwan can also be used as a transit port for re-exports to Europe and Latin America.
▎Advantages of Taiwan re-export:
Taiwan is currently a very good choice for Chinese fastener exporters. As we all know, Taiwan itself has many fastener export factories. Taiwan's own fastener industry is relatively developed. Fasteners exported from Taiwan to EU countries The volume of goods has always been relatively large, and since China was anti-dumped, Taiwan's fastener exports have seen a compensatory growth, and due to some special political reasons, Taiwan will not become a "thorn in the eye" in the eyes of the EU customs. There are also two entrepots in Taiwan that our company can operate, one is Keelung and the other is Kaohsiung. We have physical factories and trading companies in Taiwan to cooperate. the
▎Disadvantages of Taiwan re-export:
For some exporters exporting to EU countries, Taiwan has its own disadvantage, that is, through re-export, only CO can be issued, and FORM A cannot be issued. This is not as good as Thailand and Indonesia. This may be the only hard case for Taiwan’s re-export. hurt. But just because CO has to pay more tariffs to enter the EU than FORM A, EU customs will often not embarrass you.
As an emerging entrepot, Taiwan has many advantages for certain products. We think that exporters who need to re-export, you can consider the advantages and disadvantages of Taiwan's comprehensive before proceeding to the next step of planning.