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Korea special line

  China-Korea customs clearance delivery door-to-door enjoy one-stop service!
Korean special line logistics, after years of transportation experience, takes the Korean special line to build a trade platform in the two countries as the purpose of serving enterprises, continuously introduces the advantages of transportation prices, and leads the advanced experience of logistics. From receiving goods to delivery, we meticulously carry out detailed operations in many aspects, and do a good job in caring logistics services. Door-to-door service is provided to and from China and Korea.
The company has advantageous strategic partners in Incheon, Seoul, and Busan, South Korea. According to your transportation requirements, we use professional logistics transportation solutions to achieve convenient transportation services, door-to-door pick-up by special car, self-pickup at the port, customs clearance delivery, and customs duty payment.
Xunlaitong Korean special line, with fast timeliness, cheap price, diversified service content, simple and convenient delivery process, provides you with a one-stop service throughout the whole process, treats international freight as domestic freight operation, and tracks the goods online throughout the process, allowing you to know at any time Cargo dynamics.
The purpose of our economical logistics is to provide more, better and more convenient services for friends who do business with Korea, and your success is our success. We will continue to stand on the road of developing Korean logistics , go further and further with your trade!