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Sea-Intelligence: Blank sailings across the Pacific has increased significantly

Sea-Intelligence: Blank sailings across the Pacific has increased significantly


Sea Intelligence, with the help of Blank Sailings Tracker, has studied the response of shipping companies to the collapse in demand, particularly for imports from North America and Europe, in terms of blank sailing. According to the Marine Intelligence report, there has been a sharp increase in the number of empty ships in the trans-Pacific region, but not so much in Asia and Europe.


The west coast of Asia and North America increased 34 blank sailings, and the east coast of Asia and North America increased 16 blank sailings. For the former, shipping lines have announced 7-11 additional empties during all but five weeks of the analysis period. However, in weeks 51 and 52, shipping lines did not schedule blank sailings to Asia, North America and the West Coast.


Alab Murphy, chief executive officer of Sea Intelligence, commented: "This is a reflection of the hesitancy of shipping lines in how to deal with the likely peak season ahead of Chinese New Year. It seems to be more of a wait and see approach in terms of whether we get a seasonal peak in demand."


On the other hand, in the Asia-Europe region, there was no similar trend, with the Asia-Nordic region adding only six blank sailings and the Asia-Mediterranean region adding four.


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