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Breaking: A cargo vessel explodes at South Korean port, Chinese captain tragically killed

Breaking: A cargo vessel explodes at South Korean port, Chinese captain tragically killed



According to media reports, at about 22:40 on September 23, Seoul time, South Korea, a cargo vessel "OCEAN HARMONY" moored at Pier 1 of Incheon Inner Port, South Korea, exploded. The accident resulted in the unfortunate death of the 42-year-old Chinese captain on board, and the remaining 14 crew members have been evacuated from the ship. It is understood that the freighter caught fire after the explosion.


According to preliminary reports from the South Korean Coast Guard and Fire Department, the accident was caused by an explosion of an oxygen tank used for welding, and the specific cause is still under investigation. According to the ship's positioning, the ship arrived at the Incheon Inner Port of South Korea from Zhangjiabu Port in China on September 22. As of now, the ship is still berthed at Incheon Inner Port.


It is understood that the cargo vessel "OCEAN HARMONY", IMO 9254757, with a deadweight of 10,114 tons, was built in 2002, flies the Belize flag, and is operated by Hong Kong Hong Peng Shipping Co., Ltd.


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