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MSC to Develop Air Cargo Solution in Response to Market Demand

MSC to Develop Air Cargo Solution in Response to Market Demand



On September 26, Mediterranean Shipping (MSC), the world's largest liner company, announced its entry into the air freight market. MSC said that in response to customer needs, a new air cargo solution, MSC Air Cargo, has been developed as a complementary service to its container shipping solution.


According to reports, MSC Air Cargo has been in development for several months and plans to provide services in early 2023, and will successively receive four MSC-branded Boeing 777-200F aircraft, the first of which will be operated by Atlas Air. ) to operate. In addition, MSC has appointed Jannie Davel to form the team and be responsible for the related air freight operations. It is understood that Jannie Davel has nearly 30 years of industry experience in the air cargo field, and has held executive positions in the air freight department of Delta Cargo, Emirates SkyCargo and DHL.


On the launch of the new air cargo solution, MSC CEO Soren Toft said: "This is MSC's first step into the air cargo market and we will continue to explore ways to develop our air cargo business to complement our consolidation market. Core business." Currently, the container shipping market is facing a new round of challenges, and customers' demand for services in the supply chain is increasingly diversified and flexible, which makes the liner companies, which have always been container transportation as their core, begin to enhance their comprehensive logistics and transportation service capabilities. MSC's announcement to enter the air transport market this time also marks that the world's three major liner companies have all entered the air transport field.


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