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Maersk launches electric van in India

Maersk launches electric van in India




Recently, Maersk launched an electric van service in India, once again leading the industry in many positions. Global CEO Soren Skou also attended the India conference in person, and designed and developed end-to-end green logistics for the Indian market.


Maersk said it already has a large fleet serving customers' end-to-end logistics needs, covering 77% of postcodes in India. With today's launch of the Maersk Electric Vehicle, Maersk is now taking steps to gradually decarbonize its fleet, which will help Maersk achieve its larger goal of net-zero emissions globally by 2040.







In the first phase, Maersk's new electric vans are ready for deployment in Tier 1 cities in India, with a focus on a total radius of 100km. Maersk's electric vehicles can travel about 100 kilometers and have a maximum payload of 650 kilograms. The next plan will be an electric trailer with a payload of up to 25 tons. Maersk electric vehicles are equipped with fast charging technology, capable of charging 100% in 45 minutes.





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