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Breaking: Container Vessel Hit by Tanker in Malacca Strait

Breaking: Container Vessel Hit by Tanker in Malacca Strait




At 4:30 a.m. local time on September 27, the container vessel "GSL GRANIA" and the tanker "ZEPHYR I" collided in the waters between Malacca City and Singapore in the Straits of Malacca. The container ship and the tanker were both heading east, and then the tanker hit the stern of the container ship, the report said. After the accident, both ships were severely damaged, and as of now, they are still at anchor.


The head of the maritime zone in the area where the accident occurred said in a statement that initial information about the accident received from the captain of the GSL Grania container ship indicated that the accident was caused by the tanker going out of control and crashing into the right side of the container ship. After a follow-up inspection, none of the 45 crew members of the two vessels were injured and no oil leakage was found.


It is understood that the container ship GSL GRANIA, IMO 9285653, with a capacity of 7455TEU, was built in 2004 under the Liberian flag. The oil product carrier ZEPHYR I, IMO 9255880, dead weight ton (DWT)105588, was built in 2002 and flies the flag of Panama. At the time of the incident, the container ship "GSL GRANIA" was serving the Asia-America East route (Maersk TP11/ Mediterranean Shipping ELEPHANT/ Star ZNF) of 2M Alliance, with a voyage of 227W. The vessel may involve a number of ships: MAERSK, MSC, ZIM, GOLD STAR LINE, HAMBURG SUD, MCC, SEAGO, SEALAND.


This vessel had previously called at Norfolk Port (Aug 15-16) and Savannah Port (Aug 24-25), and was scheduled to call at Tanjong Palapas Port and Lim Chaban Port next. Up to now, the ship is still at anchor, the original shipment date has been delayed.


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