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Ranking of the world's 50 largest container ports is released: 15 Chinese ports are on the list

Ranking of the world's 50 largest container ports is released:

 15 Chinese ports are on the list


Recently, the maritime research company Linerytica compiled and released the ranking of the world's top 50 container ports in 2021, of which 15 Chinese ports are on the list, namely:


Shanghai Port (1st), Ningbo Zhoushan Port (3rd), Shenzhen Port (4th), Guangzhou Port (5th), Qingdao Port (6th), Tianjin Port (8th), Hong Kong Port (10th), Xiamen Port (14th), Kaohsiung Port (17th), Taicang Port (24th), Guangxi Beibu Gulf Port (27th), Yingkou Port (33rd), Rizhao Port (34th), Lianyungang Port (35th) and Dalian Port (No. 50).


Among the world's top 50 container ports, a total of 42 ports achieved container throughput growth, of which 18 ports saw double-digit increases in container throughput, including China's Tianjin Port (10.5%), Taicang Port (35.1%) %) and Guangxi Beibu Gulf Port (19%).


After flat year-on-year growth in 2020, the total container throughput of the top 50 ports in 2021 increased by 6.7% compared to 2020 to 546 million TEU.


Among the Chinese ports on the list, Shanghai Port saw the largest increase in container throughput, increasing its throughput by 3.47 million TEU (8.1%) compared to 2020 and extending its already sizable lead at the top of the ranking; Ningbo At Zhoushan Port, container throughput increased by 2.4 million TEU (8.2%); Shenzhen Port, container throughput increased by 2.2 million TEU (8.4%).


In addition, China's Taicang Port (35.1%) and India's two major ports Mundra (29.8%) and Nehru (26%) saw the largest increases.


There are four U.S. ports on the list, all with double-digit year-on-year growth. The Port of Los Angeles/Long Beach complex was the highest-ranked port in the U.S. at No. 9, with a 15.8% year-over-year increase in throughput to 20.6 million TEU; followed by Ports of New York/New Jersey (18th) and Savannah (31st) ) and the Port of Seattle/Tacoma (47th), with year-over-year throughput increases of 18.4%, 19.9% and 12.7%, respectively.


In addition, the report said that among the eight ports whose throughput declined, Hong Kong was the only one to enter the top ten, continuing the trend of port throughput decline before the pandemic. In 2003, the Port of Hong Kong became the world's busiest container port, taking the top spot, but the ranking has since fallen. The port's annual container throughput in 2021 fell by 0.9% to 17.8 million TEU, following a 1.8% decline in 2020 and a 5.6% decline in 2019.


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