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A container ship accident involving four major ports

A container ship accident involving four major ports




Recently, a large container ship with a capacity of 12,118 TEU and the ship name "EVER FOREVER" under Evergreen Shipping suffered a container crash when it was unloading in Taipei Port. The accident is believed to have been caused by improper handling of the crane by the crane operator.


On the afternoon of the 27th, when the bridge crane No. 17 at the Beiliu Wharf of the Taipei Port Container Terminal was suspected of unloading, seven containers fell and fell to the ground. Seven containers were stacked together, twisted, deformed, and damaged. There were also staff passing by and standing beside them to check, and a suspected yellow construction vehicle was also seen parked aside.


There were other workers working at the dock at the time, and they rushed over to check when they heard the loud noise, worrying that people and cars would be crushed under the ground. Fortunately, no one passed by and no one was injured.


It is reported that the container ship named "Ever Forever" is operated by Evergreen Shipping Company, with a capacity of 12,118 TEU, and sails from Oakland to the trans-Pacific route.


The "EVER FOREVER" container ship was built in 2020, flying the Panama flag, with a capacity of 12118TEU, serving Evergreen's HTW trans-Pacific e-commerce route, and was performing voyage 1253-009W at the time of the incident.


According to the data of the large shipping schedule, it involves many shipping lines sharing space, including ANL, APLC, MA CGM, COSCO SHIPPING, EVERGREEN, ONE, OOCL. Called at Yantian, Hong Kong, Xiamen and many other important Chinese ports.


According to the sailing plan, "Ever Forever" will call at Hong Kong Port, China on September 1-2, Yantian Port on September 2-4, and then sail to Los Angeles and Oakland.


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