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Twenty containers of fireworks illegally exported from Ningbo Port have been seized and destroyed

Twenty containers of fireworks illegally exported from Ningbo Port have been seized and destroyed 




Ningbo Port has destroyed 20 containers of illegally exported fireworks since 2022, and 12 people have been sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment for smuggling fireworks, effectively curbing the high incidence of illegal fireworks export crimes, according to the special control and coordination group of Ningbo Port's illegal fireworks export (hereinafter referred to as the "coordination group").


At the end of 2021, 10 departments including the Supreme People's Court, the Supreme People's Procuratorate and the Ministry of Public Security jointly issued the Opinions on Punishing Crimes Involving Firearms, Ammunition, Explosives, Inflammable and Explosive Dangerous Goods in accordance with Law, which clarified the criminal illegality of the illegal export of fireworks and Firecrackers from ports. The coordination group organized transportation, customs, maritime and other relevant departments to strengthen contact with public prosecutor organs, further detailed the criminal composition, evidence specifications, identification methods and evidence collection requirements of illegal export fireworks cases and reached consensus on cracking down on them according to law.


According to the relevant person in charge of the coordination group, since the public security, traffic, customs, maritime and other departments signed the Memorandum of Law enforcement cooperation, consensus has been formed in the field disposal, classification processing, clue transmission and communication and cooperation, and the multi-party supervision of illegal export fireworks rectification force has achieved certain results. Since the beginning of this year, the customs seized 7 containers of fireworks and investigated 1 administrative case, and fined more than 39,000 yuan; The transportation bureau found 8 related cases and fined 890,000 yuan; The customs investigated 2 cases of evading commodity inspection and arrested 2 suspects.


In 2022, the coordination group launched the mode of wartime destruction of illegally exported fireworks and firecrackers at ports, taking timely destruction measures for illegally exported fireworks and firecrackers caught in ports, quickly eliminating potential risks and ensuring sustained safety and stability in the port area. According to statistics, a total of 3 centralized destruction actions were organized throughout the year, and more than 1200 police officers were dispatched. 20 containers of illegally exported fireworks were destroyed, including 17,818 boxes of fireworks, 1,454 boxes of 175,824 hand-held flame signals and 47 boxes of 890 fireworks shells.


China's output of fireworks accounts for about 90% of the world's total. Every year, about 100,000 containers are sold around the world, 98% of which are shipped to the world by sea through ports. But only Shanghai, Beihai and a few other ports allow the export of fireworks. As it is far from meeting the market demand, some shippers, freight forwarders and purchasers take risks under the temptation of interests and choose major ports including Ningbo to smuggle goods through anonymous false reports. Once the illegal export of fireworks and firecrackers is caught, the enterprises involved will not only face economic losses, but also bear the corresponding criminal responsibility according to law, and involve freight forwarders and customs declaration enterprises.


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