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CMA & HPL released: Suspension of South China Feeder Service during CNY 2023

CMA & HPL released: Suspension of South China Feeder Service during CNY 2023


According to the latest news released by CMA CMA, the operators of feeder in South China and Hong Kong have announced the suspension of feeder services from Jan 1 to Jan 31, 2023, due to quarantine requirements for crew members due to the COVID-19 outbreak before the Lunar New Year.


In view of this situation, CMA CGM will restrict the routes of cargoes destined for the following southern China ports. The restriction will apply to cargo bound for about 30 destinations in January, including three destinations in Fujian province (Fuzhou, Fuqing and Quanzhou) with stops in Hong Kong, Yantian, Nansha and Shekou respectively. Normal service is expected to resume in early February, subject to further updates from feeder operators.




1.For Dry Cargoes onl. No acceptance for Hazardous/Reefer/OOG.

2.Feeder schedules subject to change, Subj to additional Overtime charges imposed by feeder operators externally to Consignee.

3.Consignee to bear any extra cost for T/S cargo idling more than 14 days at Hong Kong, Nansha, Shekou, Yantian, Xiamen.


According to an announcement on the website of Hapag-Lloyd, feeder operators in South China have announced that they will suspend feeder service from late December 2022 to the end of January 2023. This is a precautionary measure as there are quarantine requirements for sailors sailing between South China and Hong Kong after the 2023 Spring Festival holiday. In view of the situation, Haberot said it would suspend the receipt of goods with final destinations in the Pearl River Delta region and Fuzhou region until further notice. However, mainline freight services to major ports such as Hong Kong, Yantian or Shekou will continue.


It should be noted that any additional overtime charges implemented by feeder operators during this period will be borne by cargo owners. Any additional charges and liabilities related to demururation charges, terminal storage charges or terminal charges incurred at the transshipment ports (Hong Kong, Shekou, Yan Tin, Tai Po Wan) after the containers have been discharged during the suspension period of the feeder operators will be borne by the cargo owners.


In addition, the booking suspension time to South China is based on the estimated arrival time (ETA) of major ports such as Hong Kong, Yantian, Shekou and Tai Chao Wan. Suitable for all types and sizes of container cargo, including special cargo (DG/RF/OOG).


The following is the list of ports in South China affected and the starting and ending times for suspension of booking:




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