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Canada will restrict imports of single-use plastics across the board starting December 20

Canada will restrict imports of single-use plastics across the board starting December 20



In its "Plastic Limit" campaign, Canada has a goal of "zero plastic going into landfills, beaches, rivers, wetlands and forests" by 2030, so that plastic will disappear from nature. Canada uses as many as 15 billion plastic bags a year, according to government figures, and single-use plastics make up the majority of the waste found along the country's coastline. In response, Canada has made such a decision: Canada will completely restrict the import of single-use plastic products.


According to media reports, Canada plans to comprehensively restrict the production, import and sale of plastic products. The ban was previously scheduled to take effect in 2021, but was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The ban is timed to ban the sale of the six plastic products by the end of next year and export by the end of 2025, with some exemptions for medical reasons.


On June 22, 2022, Canada issued the SOR/2022-138 Single-Use Plastics Prohibition Regulation, which prohibits the manufacture, import and sale of seven single-use plastics in Canada. With some specific exceptions, the policy prohibiting the manufacture and import of these single-use plastics will officially come into effect in December 2022.


According to the Act, the categories of disposable plastics involved include:

Checkout bags, Cutlery, Foodservice ware, Ring carrier, Stir stick, Straw


It does not apply to the following ranges:

1.This Regulation shall not apply to plastic articles which are in transit through Canada, from one place outside Canada to another place outside Canada, and which are accompanied by documentary evidence that the article is in transit.

2.Unless otherwise provided, this Regulation does not apply to the manufacture, import or sale of manufactured plastic products for export purposes.

3.This Regulation does not apply to plastic manufactured articles which are wastes.


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