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A new route Yichang - Xiamen port Sea&Rail combined transport channel was explored

A new route Yichang - Xiamen port Sea&Rail combined transport channel was explored



In order to further promote the strategic deployment of regional coordinated development, Penavico Xiamen constantly innovates in the sea-rail combined transport business and thinks about optimizing the layout of regional combined transport channel. On Nov. 1, a 40HQ sea-rail container train filled with sanitary ware and other goods left Yichang East Railway Station in Hubei province. The goods will be transported directly to Busan in South Korea via Xiamen port in 6 days.


The successful shipment of this batch of goods marks that Penavico Xiamen added a new route in Hubei Province after the opening of the "Wuhan-Xiamen Port" and "Macheng-Xiamen Port" sea-rail combined transportation channels. By directly applying for containers in the inland, customers can pick up and load the containers in the first time, which not only saves the time and cost of transferring empty containers, but also solves the problems of inland containers.


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