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Allseas Global launches shipping line for bespoke customer service

It is reported that British freight forwarder Allseas Global Logistics this week announced the establishment of shipping company Allseas Shipping Company, which it said was the first shipping company to be registered in the United Kingdom in 40 years. Allseas said the new shipping company was a natural extension of its existing expertise and business. Allseas Shipping will specialize in import/export services from China to the UK/Europe, and import services from Bangladesh to the UK/Europe, with direct routes to significantly reduce transit time from origin to destination.

Allseas said it will continue to develop its China Express service and is already developing new services, including calls to Genoa, Valencia, East India, Vietnam and Cambodia, as well as trans-Pacific routes to the United States and Canada.


According to the information that the China Express service launched by Allseas Global Logistics provides direct flights between China and Liverpool, UK, as well as additional services between China and the West Coast of the United States and Canada.Their Service ports include Shanghai/Ningbo/Liverpool/Huizhou/Qingdao/Taicang/Shenzhen/Vancouver/Everett, etc. In addition, Allseas recently announced a series of long-term charter contracts. This includes a 2000TEU container ship named "Allseas Pioneer". Darren Wright, co-founder of Allseas Shipping, said: “The Allseas Pioneer is the first in our series of six private label container ships, with a total investment of over US$150 million.”

Allseas has a fleet of six container ships of similar size, which will allow it to better control vessel departure and arrival times and significantly improve schedule integrity that is critical to customers.

In addition to freight forwarders Allseas, Uniserve and Rifline, German retail giant Lidl set up its own shipping company earlier this year to transport goods. In addition, large retailers such as Home Depot, Walmart, IKEA, Costco, Coca-Cola, Amazon, Seko Logistics, Schneider National and other large logistics companies have also chartered ships to transport goods for themselves during the epidemic.


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