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Europe still under port congestion pressure

With the approaching of the peak season, Europe ports will usher in a wave of imported containers, but what is worrying is that the peak season has not yet come, and the major container hub ports in northern Europe are facing serious congestion.



An industry insider said the Hamburg port was "sitting on a mountain of export containers". "Germany is still working on a seven-day schedule, but ships arrive every nine to 12 days. That equates to a cancelled sailing every four to five weeks, and the terminal is full of boxes," the person added. Hamburg and its environs warehouse and storage areas.


In a new market report released this week, Maersk said its service network was "under severe pressure", which it blamed on "disruptions in European port operations", with ships experiencing severe delays in northern Europe, which affected ships returning to Asia Pacific Expect. Among them, the ports of Rotterdam and Bremer are currently "the most congested", resulting in "significantly longer" waiting times for berths and slow ship work efficiency.



In neighboring Rotterdam, Hapag-Lloyd faces a similar congestion problem to Maersk. It said the yard density at the Rotterdam Gateway (RWG) had "worsened" to 95% due to "increased container dwell times and the continuous accumulation of Russian cargo embargoes from different carriers", while at ECT the yard density level had increased to 96%, this is mainly due to "excessive detention of transshipment and imported goods blocked"


Severe congestion at the ports of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg is bad news for feeder operators, with Antwerp halting all feeder operations until June 30.



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