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New alliance established --- Silk Alliance

Recently, Lloyd's Register Maritime Decarbonisation Hub announced that it has joined hands with partners to launch the "Silk Alliance", which aims to establish a highly scalable Green Corridor Cluster, starting from the container trade within Asia, to promote the decarbonization of the shipping industry. emission reduction.





According to reports, the "Silk Alliance" is named after the historic "Silk Road" sea section that connects Southeast Asia with China, the Indian subcontinent and the Arabian Peninsula. Lloyd's Register's Offshore Decarbonization Centre said it was working with 11 global supply chain stakeholders. At present, the members of the "Silk Alliance" include shipping companies such as Pacific Ocean Shipping (PIL), WanHai Shipping, Yang Ming Shipping, X-Press Feeders, as well as shipyards, fuel suppliers, engine manufacturers and financial institutions.

Specifically, the members of the Silk Alliance will use their expertise in their respective fields, mainly for container ships operating in Asia, to develop fuel transition strategies, and by promoting industry cooperation, in order to fulfill the shipping industry's commitment to the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference ( COP26) to reduce investment risk in adopting sustainable carbon-neutral fuels through practical actions.

Charles Haskell, Lloyd's Register Decarbonization Project Manager, said: "This is the first time a fuel transition strategy has been developed for multiple stakeholders. We have the support of not only key players in the shipping industry, but other industries as well. This is critical to decarbonizing the industry.


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