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Port of Antwerp-Bruges proceeds with Certified Pick up rollout

The first phase of the Certified Pick up (CPu) roll-out started on 15 January at the port of Antwerp-Bruges.


As of that day, 60% of the daily container volumes were picked up successfully via the new digital platform.


According to a statement, after consulting the port community, the Belgian port decided to continue to rollout CPu gradually, as of Monday 22 January.


"To ensure that the rollout goes as smooth as possible, all stakeholders are consulted daily. Thanks to efforts of the entire port community, we are ready as planned to scale up the use of CPu starting next Monday," said the port.


On 22 January, Port of Antwerp-Bruges will add extra volume to the CPu system.


The following table shows which terminal/agent combinations go live in the coming weeks. Not listed companies and companies behind the locks will follow later.




"We cannot stress enough the importance of registering as soon as possible and following the steps in CPu. Next phases in the roll-out of CPu for deep-sea terminals will be carried out in quick succession. After that, the terminals behind the locks will follow," stated a Port of Antwerp-Bruges spokesperson.


"Together with the port community, we take our responsibility to make the release and collection of containers safer, more transparent and more efficient. I would like to thank all parties involved; it is thanks to them that the roll-out of Certified Pick up (CPu) is possible. The new data platform uses identity verification and Customs gives the green light to release a container. The system streamlines administrative procedures while providing a clear picture of the container's status at any point in the process. By using innovation and digitalisation, we combat the socially and economically disruptive forces of the drug underworld," stated Annick De Ridder, vice-mayor of the City of Antwerp and president of the Board of Directors of Port of Antwerp-Bruges.


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