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Port of Koper unveils new state-of-the-art truck terminal

The Port of Luka Koper has officially unveiled its new external truck terminal in Sermin, Slovenia.


Recognised as Slovenia's most modern truck parking facility, it is designed to meet high service and safety standards following European Union's regulations.


The inauguration ceremony featured the presence of Alenka Bratušek, Slovenia's Minister of Infrastructure, Nevenka Kržan, president of the management board of the Port of Koper, and Kristjan Mugerli, director of Kolektor CPG, a Slovenian company involved in building construction and infrastructure facilities.


The project encompasses the construction of a facility boasting 203 parking spaces for freight vehicles, offices catering to freight forwarders, an information point for announcing port entry, and all requisite infrastructure.


Additionally, 6,000 square meters of green areas have been incorporated into the plan, with plans to plant 69 trees once weather conditions permit. The European Commission co-funded the investment under the Connecting Europe Facility program, providing US$5.33 million.


Trucks utilizing the new parking area will primarily enter the Port of Koper through the Sermin gate. Over recent years, the main Koper freight entrance, closest to the city centre, has experienced significant decongestion due to the utilization of the Bertoki and Sermin gates.


This decongestion effort aligns with the long-term goal of reducing freight traffic on roads into Koper. The closure of the old truck terminal near the city's shopping mall on 8 January signifies the successful relocation of port facilities outside the city limits.


"This is a great asset for the Port of Koper, its surroundings and the country as a whole. The new terminal will certainly contribute to improving the situation in the area of freight vehicle parking. It will also have a positive impact on improving the environment and the traffic flow on the coastal section of the motorway network," stated Alenka Bratusek.


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