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ZIM increases rates from Med and Black Sea to USEC, Gulf, Canada and Mexico

ZIM announced new increased rates from the West Mediterranean ports to all ports in the United States East Coast, Gulf, Canada and Mexico.


The new rates were published in ZIM's Tariff update on 21 December and will be effective from 20 January 2024.


The new rates will be US$450 for 20' and US$950 for 40' dry containers.


Furthermore, the Israeli ocean carrier, in response to recent market changes and the impact on its network resulting in schedule adjustments and shortages of equipment in its service regions, announced a rate adjustment for shipments from all East Mediterranean and Black Sea ports (excluding Israel) to ports on the USEC, Gulf, Canada, and Mexico.


This adjustment, as outlined in their Tariff released on 21 December 2023, will also come into effect on 20 January 2024.


For dry cargo shipments from East Mediterranean and Black Sea ports to USEC, Gulf, Canada, and Mexico ports, the new rate will be US$1,000 per TEU.


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