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APM Terminals unveils US$390 million investment and secures new concession for Brazilian container terminal

Brasil Terminal Portuário (BTP) has received approval from Brazil's Ministry of Ports and Airports and the Santos Port Authority to extend its operational tenure at the Port of Santos by an additional 20 years, valid until 2047.


In conjunction with this renewed concession, BTP is set to make a significant investment of approximately US$390 million in the development of the container terminal over the coming years.


The protocol for the renewal request was submitted in May 2021 to the Port Authority, with an initial commitment of approximately US$308 million. The process went through all required stages with transparency and adherence to regulatory frameworks, addressing information requests from authorities. With the authorisation of the BTP lease renewal, the investment amounts were adjusted, and BTP will invest US$390 million according to the initial commitment with the government, an amount that could reach a total of US$514 million.


This expansion plan includes the addition of four state-of-the-art ship-to-shore cranes, bringing the total number to 12 units, along with the integration of new defences. Concurrently, there will be a significant augmentation of yard capacity, particularly in the reefer area, with an increase from the current 2,128 to approximately 3,500 refrigerated outlets. Furthermore, the comprehensive investment package involves the procurement of 27 rubber tire gantry cranes and 46 terminal tractors.


"We will grow in efficiency and sustainability, with a lot of innovation and new electrified and more digital equipment, in line with our ESG [Environment, Social, and Governance] guidelines. We aspire to be a reference in excellent port operation that combines economic development, job creation, environmental respect, and social inclusion," stated Ricardo Arten, CEO of BTP.


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