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Maersk expands warehousing footprint in Bangladesh



A.P. Moller - Maersk announced the expansion of its Chattogram warehouse footprint. Maersk has begun the second phase of its agreement with ISATL, which will provide its clients with unique access to approximately 20,000m² of a state-of-the-art export custom bonded warehouse in Bangladesh.


This warehouse was designed specifically for retail and lifestyle commodity exporters, and it is expected to be operational by April 2024.


Maersk and ISATL initially partnered and came to an agreement at the end of 2021, with ISATL providing Maersk with around 18,500m² of export custom bonded storage for 14 months.


Maersk also provides an additional warehouse space of around 93,000m² in collaboration with Vertex Depot, which opened earlier this year in February.


With the most recent development, Maersk now offers its clients approximately 46,500m² of specialised export warehouse space in Chattogram. In addition, Maersk provides its clients with an additional 27,900m² of flexible warehouse capacity through local partnerships in case of short-term needs.


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