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Breaking: Container ship ran aground, blocking access to the port

Breaking: Container ship ran aground, blocking access to the port



On January 9, MSC Elaine, a container ship owned by MSC with a capacity of 8,562TEU, was leaving the Italian port of Gioia Tauro when the ship lost control, hit the port's breakwater and ran aground. The ship ran aground at the entrance to the port of Gioia Tauro, causing traffic to and from the port to be blocked. Gioia Tauro Port is the largest container port in Italy, the sixth largest port in the Mediterranean, and a major transshipment hub in the region.


According to initial reports, no crew members were injured and there was no oil spill, but the extent of damage to the ship is unknown. In the latest update, the Italian coastguard confirmed that the rescue operation the following day was aided by poor weather conditions and wind, which, together with all harbour tugs, provided further impetus for the ship to "break free" from the harbour breakwater.


The Italian coast guard said the entrance to the port was no longer blocked by the large container ship. Taking into account the weather conditions, the ship went to the mooring dock and underwent all necessary technical checks.


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