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Breaking: Cosco container ship sudden failure! Schedule will be delayed

Breaking: Cosco container ship sudden failure! Schedule will be delayed



Recently, a dangerous scene happened in the Qingdao offshore sea channel: a 5,800 TEU container ship "TIAN CHANG HE" owned by COSCO Shipping Co., Ltd. was forced to anchor 26 nautical miles east of Chaolian Island in Qingdao due to the failure of the main engine tail shaft.


In order to ensure the safety of the ship and the port navigation, let the ship complete the task of carrying as soon as possible, and reduce the economic loss of cargo owners and shipping companies, Qingdao pilot station successfully completed the task of towing into the port for more than 10 hours on October 21, and smoothly berthed at Qingdao Qianwan Port.


The vessel Tianchang River (IMO: 9300324), which can carry 5,816 TUE, has a length of 278 meters and a maximum draft of 11.4 meters, was carrying 1,359 containers, including two dangerous goods containers (sodium hydroxide solid, UN1823/ Class 8) and 55 cold containers. The Tianchanghe ship, which belongs to COSCO route PA1, was on flight 078S at the time of the incident. The ship had earlier docked at domestic ports such as Dalian and Tianjin, and was scheduled to dock at Ningbo Port before sailing to Singapore and Port Klang.


According to the latest dynamic information of the ship, the ship landed in Qingdao on October 21st, and was scheduled to leave the port on October 22nd, but it is still anchored at Qingdao port. This accident may lead to the delay of the shipping schedule, please refer to the carriers for details.


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