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Breaking: Two of MSC's container vessels have broken down and may face serious delays

Breaking: Two of MSC's container vessels have broken down and may face serious delays


MSC LORENA, a container ship owned by MSC, lost control in waters near La Coruna, Spain, on October 13, local time.The MSC LORENA was on its way from Felixstowe in the UK to Canakkale in Turkey at the time of the accident and was due to arrive at Canakkale on October 18.


After drifting in nearby waters for some time, MSC LORENA was towed by a Spanish search and rescue tug for nearly 27 nautical miles at around 23:00 on 14 October and successfully arrived at Ferrol Port, Spain on 15 October. MSC LORENA was constructed in 2006 with a capacity of 4,870 TEU and is currently deployed by MSC on TURKEY-MARMARA SERVICE. MSC LORENA was on voyage NM240A when the incident occurred.


MSC LORENA is expected to arrive at the Turkish port of Gebze on October 19. However, according to the data of ship communication network, MSC LORENA is still in the berthing state at present, so the subsequent delay of MSC LORENA is inevitable.




On October 14 local time, MSC ATLANTIC, a container ship owned by MSC, reported that it had been abandoned and was drifting northwest of Serikunda, Gambia, Atlantic. MSC ATLANTIC left San Pedro Ivory Coast for Las Palmas on October 9, lost control and began drifting on October 13 or earlier.


AIS As of 1230 International Standard Time on October 14, the ship was surrounded by several offshore tugboats, the cause of the failure is unknown, the state of the ship, its condition is unknown, the condition of the crew is unknown, the abandonment has not been confirmed, and there may be some crew members remaining on board.


MSC ATLANTIC was built in 1991 with a capacity of 3005 TEU and flies the Panamanian flag, and is currently deployed by MSC on the NWC TO/FROM MOROCCO route. MSC ATLANTIC has started moving on October 15, with a speed of about 8-10 knots and is expected to arrive in Las Palmas on October 19 (originally expected to arrive on October 15), with a delay of 4 days.


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