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Port of Liverpool dockers to go on strike for up to two weeks from September 19


Port of Liverpool dockers to go on strike for up to two weeks from September 19




According to the latest news from foreign media, the United Kingdom has confirmed on Friday that more than 560 dock dockers at the Port of Liverpool, one of the largest container terminals in the United Kingdom, will hold a two-week strike from September 19 to October 3. United said the strike would severely disrupt shipping and road transport in and around Liverpool, England. The union also warned that more strikes would be scheduled in the coming weeks if no acceptable offers were made to dockers.


British container port operator Peel Ports said the move was aimed at disrupting operations at the port and demanded a bigger pay rise after unions rejected an 8.3 per cent pay package. The union, on the other hand, said the 7% pay rise was a pay cut at a real inflation rate of 12.3%. The chief operating officer of Peel Ports Group said: "Despite a series of meetings, we are very disappointed by the United Union's confirmation of strike action by its members at the Liverpool Container Port."


He also noted: "We will continue to urge unions to continue talking to us so that together we can find solutions and avoid actions that would be bad news for industry, businesses and households, the repercussions of which will be felt in the months ahead. At this point the demand for the number of containers has started to decrease.”


It is the latest strike to disrupt Britain this summer, as unrest affects a range of industries, from aviation and transport to nurses and lawyers. While only about a quarter of Felixstowe's, the strike is expected to put further pressure on the supply chain and could be a harbinger of more disruptions for Felixstowe in the coming weeks.


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