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ZIM container ship fire in containers

ZIM container ship fire in containers




According to media reports, the cargo hold containers of a container ship "ZIM CHARLESTON" near Colombo caught fire. About 300 containers may have been damaged due to subsequent firefighting operations, heat and smoke, and water damage caused by the fire.


It is reported that the fire may have occurred on August 7 or 8, when the ship arrived in Colombo from Singapore, after which "ZIM CHARLESTON" left Colombo and sailed westward, turned back on August 8-9 and returned to Colombo on August 11 Day berthing.


It is understood that the ship served the CI3 route of ZIM Yixing Shipping, and the 7W voyage was carried out at the time of the incident. The shipping companies that share the cabin include ZIM, CMA, COSCO, OOCL, RCL, etc. Earlier, the ship called at Shanghai, Xiamen, Shekou, Hong Kong and other Chinese ports, and was fully loaded with Chinese goods, and subsequently called at Singapore, Colombo, Navaciwa and other ports. "ZIM CHARLESTON" (IMO: 9461506), can carry 8586TUE, built in 2011, flying the flag of Hong Kong, China.


As of August 17, the ship is still berthing in Colombo. The incident is expected to result in severe ship delays and container damage.


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