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A new shipping company established -- focusing on trans-Pacific route services

new shipping company established -- focusing on trans-Pacific route services


A German container leasing company, Lotus Containers, has joined them in announcing the launch of a new shipping company, following the launch of new shipping lines by major German retailer LIDL, British forwarder Allseas Global Logistics, Uniserve and Italian forwarder Rifline.


It is reported that the newly established shipping company is called Carrier53' Shipping GmbH. Founded in 2008, Lotus Containers reports that it has built core competencies in container sales, leasing and procurement, as well as arranging shipments and special projects, and is now officially expanding this experience with the formation of a unique new shipping company.


Described by Lotus as a fully independent common carrier for ship operations, the shipping company will launch a new service this month, primarily focused on trans-Pacific routes between China and the U.S. West Coast.




Its new service will deploy six owned or chartered general-purpose cargo ships, each with a capacity of about 700TEU, that will use 53-foot containers."With our owned and chartered multi-purpose fleet and our worldwide network of professional agents, we will offer flexible solutions beyond regular liner routes," the company said in its release.


Carrier53' will offer sailing services from Qingdao, Taicang and Humen in China to Portland and Los Angeles in the US, as well as special sailings from Hamburg to Mexico in September and October. Services to be offered include "pre-shipment, post-shipment, door-to-door, U.S. inland shipping, and more, with Carrier53' offering a customized one-stop solution," they said.


Last month, US intermodal and integrated logistics provider J.B. Hunt chartered two container ships, starting a similar shipping operation as Carrier 53', offering sailing services between China and US ports in California and the Pacific Northwest.


Earlier this year, FedEx launched a similar service, chartering Genco bulk carriers to transport containers from China to California. In addition, freight forwarding companies Allseas, Uniserve and Rifline have also established shipping companies, respectively launching direct routes from China to the UK/Europe, and liner services from China to the UK and Italy.


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