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Weekly Newsletter

Weekly Newsletter

{C}1. {C}The container vessel MAYA lost its stability during berthing and loading containers at Tokuyama (Shunan), Yamaguchi, Japan at around 1200 local time (UTC+9) on July 31, and about 100 containers fell into the water. Rafting in the waters of Tokuyama Bay. Crew members were rescued and one of them was taken to hospital, but it was not life-threatening. About 40 liters of fuel leaked.


{C}2. {C}Evergreen Shipping has invested 10 billion yuan (NTD) to purchase 19 remote control bridge machines and 56 automated portal machines to create the seventh container center equipment golden lineup. The first batch of machines will arrive today, August 1. Kaohsiung Port is the prelude to the operation of the seven-container. After the opening of the seven-container in May next year, the annual loading and unloading capacity will reach 4.5 million TEU. It will become Evergreen Shipping's deep cultivation of Kaohsiung Port as a transshipment base in East Asia.


{C}3. {C}China Taiwan Port Corporation pointed out that the No. 7 Container Center has a total of 5 deep-water terminals that can dock 24,000 TEU container ships. At the same time, with a depth of 700m and an area of 149 hectares in the hinterland of the container yard, the storage and transportation capacity can reach 4.5 million TEU/year (long-term). The target is 6.5 million TEU/year), which has the advantage and potential to develop a modern fully automated large-scale container base.


4.The Seventh Container Center will adopt the principle of phased construction, gradually build a modern fully automated container yard, and introduce AI artificial intelligence, automatic guided vehicles (AGV), automatic guided straddle carriers (ASC), IoT (Internet of Things, things) Networking) and 5G communication and other new technology applications, and fully reserve the needs of future fully automated expansion equipment in the planning and design stage, maintain the maximum flexibility of the seventh container center, and draw a blueprint for Kaohsiung Port to develop a smart port.


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