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Another major port in Europe is on strike

Another major port in Europe is on strike




Recently, from South Korean truck drivers, German port workers, British railway workers, Belgian union laborers, Canadian railway workers, Spanish truck drivers, to thousands of American airline pilots and European airline employees, protests or strike action.


Waves of protests and strikes involving global air, sea, and sea transport have made supply chains worse. On one side are the full yard terminals, and on the other side are the wharfs, railways and road transport workers protesting against strikes for wages. Under the double blow, the shipping schedule and delivery time will be further delayed.


According to a July 28 report by Reuters,workers at Felixstowe, Britain's largest container port, voted for strike action over a wage dispute, the United union said on Thursday, warning of severe disruptions to the entire supply chain.


With wages not keeping pace with inflation, dockworkers have joined a growing wave of strikes by workers in a range of industries, from railroads to telecommunications. Inflation in the UK is expected to hit double digits by the end of the year. "The strike action will bring Felixstowe to a standstill and will cause significant logistical problems for sea and road transport into the port," the union said in a statement.


United's regional officer Miles Hubbard said strike action would "inevitably cause massive disruption to the UK's supply chain". Workers at the Felixstowe terminal operated by Hutchison Ports have received a 5 per cent pay rise, the union said."The company made an offer that we think is very fair, and we are disappointed by the vote. We hope any strike action can be avoided," a port spokesman said, adding that the union had agreed to work with the mediation service next week. ACAS meeting request. The union did not give a specific date for the strike action, but it can be confirmed that it will take place next month and is supported by 92 per cent of voters.


It is worth noting that more than 50,000 workers in the British railway system have even arranged the strike plan to August after the largest strike in nearly 30 years in June, and will continue on August 18 and August 20 respectively. strike. Maersk issued an announcement saying it would cause significant disruption to the rail network across the UK.


In addition, earlier this month, United said it was also voting on hundreds of dockworkers in Liverpool for possible strike action. More than 500 dockworkers in Liverpool will vote on whether to strike over wages and working conditions. The action could bring the port of Peel, one of the UK's largest container ports, to a "virtual standstill" at the end of August.


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