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Freight rates of three major routes continue to decline



After the reopening of Shanghai, the industry is eager to see a rebound in cargo volume, but so far, it has not occurred. Recently, some American media said that the import demand in the United States is falling sharply, which has caused quite a stir in the industry. The European routes have a relatively large capacity base. Due to the limited demand for freight, the loading rate has not performed well recently. Under pressure, some liner companies have taken the initiative to reduce freight rates to strengthen cargo collection, and spot market booking prices have fallen.


Combining the latest major shipping indexes, the overall freight rates of US, European and Mediterranean routes continued to decline due to lower-than-expected transportation demand.


* SCFI and NCFI indexes began to fall after rising for several weeks, and freight rates fell. The trend of freight rates of different routes continued to differentiate, and the European and American routes continued to decline; the routes to South America, Southeast Asia and the Persian Gulf continued to rise;


* The index of major WCI routes remained stable, with a significant decline in the US-West;


* The FBX global composite average has been in decline since March 11 and fell 2 percent last week. It is particularly worth noting that, except for some small fluctuations in individual weeks, the overall situation is in a downward trend. The latest index shows that the freight rates of the United States and the United States continue to decline. The European and Mediterranean routes have been stable in the past 6 weeks, the European routes have fallen slightly, and the Mediterranean routes have risen slightly.


Drewry: Following the easing of blockade restrictions on June 1, Shanghai has re-implemented a partial blockade due to the detection of new crown cases. Shippers and forwarders will be concerned about the development of the outbreak, which could affect the still recovering inland transport network.


Due to the limited demand for freight and the recent poor performance of the loading rate, the market demand for the European route has declined slightly compared with the previous period. In addition, due to the severe congestion in European ports and the strikes at major ports, the return of cargo ships to Asian ports has slowed down, delayed shipping schedules and The wide-ranging impact of increased aviation, etc. There are still many uncertainties in the face of macro factors such as the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, high inflation in European countries, and consumer confidence. The trend of freight rates is difficult to determine.



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