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U.S. ban the import of Xinjiang cotton products from 21st June


According to foreign media sources, the U.S. authorities are expected to take effect on June 21 under the "Prevention of Forced Uyghur Labor Law" and will impose import bans on goods from China's Xinjiang region in accordance with the law. As early as last year, the Xinjiang cotton incident caused an uproar, and U.S. President Biden signed the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (UFLPA) in December 2021 to prevent Xinjiang goods from flowing into the U.S. market.


The bill contains a system with a core concept of "rebuttable presumption", which means that unless it is certified by the US authorities as free from forced labor, it is presumed that any products manufactured in Xinjiang use forced labor and are prohibited from being imported.According to reports, U.S. customs officials confirmed that the Biden administration is ready to implement a comprehensive ban on Xinjiang products on the 21st of this month, unless the latter companies can provide evidence that their products do not involve "forced labor."


According to the freight forwarding notice, when cotton products are exported to the United States, the seller needs to provide the following documents:


1. The certificate of origin should indicate the customer's purchase order information, and indicate the address of the factory where the goods are produced;

2. The seller's self-assurance states that the exported products do not contain cotton from this region (Xinjiang);

3. Cotton raw silk purchase orders and invoices;

4. Cotton thread purchase order and invoice;

5. Cotton purchase orders and invoices;

6. Any additional documents required to comply with U.S. Customs orders.


Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian warned last week that "the above-mentioned laws, if implemented, will seriously disrupt the normal cooperation between Chinese and American companies and undermine the stability of the global supply chain."




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