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Pakistan announces ban on import of all non-essential goods


According to CCTV news, on the 19th local time, Pakistani Information Minister Aurangzeb announced at a press conference in Islamabad that the government has banned the import of all non-essential luxury goods under an "emergency economic plan".


Aurangzeb said the government's current focus was on exports, so it had to reduce its reliance on imports. According to the government's economic plan, employment opportunities in Pakistan will increase, she said. Aurangzeb added that the impact of the measures would be about $6 billion. In the past few weeks, Pakistan's import bill has been rising, its current account deficit has been widening, and its foreign exchange reserves have been shrinking. On the 19th, the exchange rate of the Pakistani currency rupee against the US dollar plummeted to 200, a record low.


Prohibited imports mainly include: automobiles, mobile phones, household appliances, fruits and dried fruits (except Afghanistan), pottery, personal weapons and ammunition, shoes, lighting equipment (except energy-saving equipment), headphones and speakers, sauces, doors and windows, travel bags and Suitcases, sanitary ware, fish and frozen fish, carpets (except Afghanistan), preserved fruit, tissue paper, furniture, shampoo, sweets, luxury mattresses and sleeping bags, jams and jellies, corn flakes, cosmetics, heaters and blowers, sunglasses, Kitchen utensils, soft drinks, frozen meat, juices, pasta, etc., ice cream, cigarettes, shaving supplies, luxury leather clothing, musical instruments, hair products such as hair dryers, chocolates, etc.


On 23rd May, HMM has issued a relevant emergency announcement prohibiting the import of luxury goods or non-essential goods into Pakistan. and effective immediately. Please review the following and make sure to check for prohibited shipments before submitting a booking request. If the goods are only transshipped through Pakistan, the above prohibited goods are acceptable, but they must be indicated on the bill of lading and the consignee is at his own risk.



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