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Biden says he's discussing the future of China tariffs imposed by Trump



        USA President Joe Biden said on Tuesday that his administration is currently evaluating how to best move forward on existing tariffs on China enacted during the Trump administration, but he cautioned that no decision has been made.


       Some experts and business groups have called on Biden to get rid of the tariffs as a way to combat inflation.

       Asked by a reporter if he would drop the tariffs on China imposed by former President Donald Trump, Biden said, "We're discussing that right now. We're looking at what would have the most positive impact."

When pressed whether he would lower or erase the tariffs, Biden said, "I didn't say that. ... I'm telling you we're discussing it and no decision has been made on it."


       Earlier this month, the Biden administration took a first step toward conducting a statutory four-year review of the US tariffs on Chinese goods -- but officials have given no indication that the review will result in removing the tariffs.

The Biden administration eased some Trump-era tariffs on Chinese imports in March. But Biden has left tariffs in place on $350 billion of Chinese goods that were imposed by his predecessor. And Beijing, meanwhile, has left its retaliatory tariffs on some agricultural products and some American-made goods.



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