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Durian is coming!

In the early morning of April 22, 135 containers of imported durian shipments on the "Durian Express" of COSCO Shipping Lines successfully docked at Nansha Port. After reaching the port, the first batch of containers which full of durians were quickly unloaded, cleared customs, released goods then shipped to Jiangnan The fruit wholesale market. The import transportation of durian in 2022 kicked off.




Meanwhile, Wanhai and Evergreen have respectively opened the "Durian route" from Laem Chabang, Thailand to Guangzhou Nansha Port, which can shorten the transit time to 4~5 days.

On April 25, Wanhai announced that starting from April 23, they will open a "Durian Express Route" with 17 sailings, aiming to provide customers a fast, accurate, and stable service, to meet their fruit transportation needs.



It is reported that Nansha Port and Nansha Customs are expediting the process of stranded refrigeration containers in the port, reserving more than 1,400 refrigeration containers for the upcoming durian season.



The 162 inspection bays of the international cold chain field in the Nansha port area are also undergoing intensive inspection and are expected to be put into operation in early May this year. By then, together with the 120 checkpoints of Haixin refrigerated warehouse, Nansha Port will have nearly 300 checkpoints in total.


In addition, Nansha Customs also provides services such as ship inspection priority, document review priority, and inspection priority to improve the cold chain service in the Greater Bay Area.





In addition to Wanhai, Evergreen also issued an announcement a few days ago that the "Thailand Laem Chabang Durian Express" will be opened for 8 sailings from April to June, to meet the market needs when durian, mangosteen, and the other fruits out. Double docking at the ports of the Greater Bay Area (Guangzhou Nansha Port and Hong Kong Port), and the transit time is shortened to 4~5 days.



According to statistics from the Ministry of Commerce of Thailand, the fruit production capacity is expected to be around 5.42 million tons this year, a year-on-year increase of 13%. Among them, 1.48 million tons of durian, a year-on-year increase of 22%.