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MSC introduces new standalone service connecting Asia and South East India

MSC has announced the launch of its new weekly service, Osprey, between Asia and South East India.


The Osprey service will offer a direct route and improve transit times between the Asian and South East Indian markets, opening opportunities for importers and exporters in the region and providing increased connectivity between these important trade hubs.


MSC enhances the Asia-India service network with Osprey, which will complement Shikra service.


The first sailing is expected to depart from the port of Ningbo on 23 July with MSC Somya.


The rotation of the service will be Shanghai (China) Ningbo (China) Singapore Colombo (Sri Lanka) Ennore (India) Visakhapatnam (India) Ningbo




MSC will offer an end-to-end service, connecting Ningbo to Ennore in 15 days, Ningbo to Visakhapatnam in 17 days and Ningbo to Kolkata (via Vizakhapatnam) in 19 days.


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