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Konecranes unveils new heavy-duty E-VER electric forklift

Konecranes has introduced a heavy-duty version of its flagship E-VER electric forklift, designed for lifting capacities of 18-25 tons.


Responding to increasing industry demand for low-carbon solutions, this new range reflects Konecranes' commitment to electrify their entire lift truck fleet by the end of 2026.


The premium Konecranes E-VER electric forklift has already garnered significant attention and positive feedback in the lift truck markets. Now, with an increased capacity of 18-25 tons, the new range offers enhanced strength and versatility for demanding applications in heavy industries such as steel, mining, and ports, without compromising performance.


Higher capacity on the E-VER is the next step on the road to zero tailpipe emissions across all of our lift trucks portfolio. As the global market transitions to carbon neutrality, an even broader environmental responsibility is clear. We have a product road map to deliver the right products at the right time, paving the way to a decarbonized and circular world by eliminating emissions in the entire value chain from production to usage and eventually enabling repurposing and efficient recycling,stated Jeffrey Stokes, director product and technology management, Lift Trucks, Konecranes.


The new 18-to-25-ton Konecranes E-VER is designed for heavy-duty industrial applications, featuring low energy consumption and zero tailpipe emissions. Equipped with a powerful lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery pack, the trucks electric motors are fueled by clean energy.


The battery is easily adaptable to the local power grid, allowing fast charging in under an hour, as well as top-ups from braking energy during busy work shifts, and slower charging when not in use. The combination of high voltage and low current minimizes energy consumption and losses, enabling the truck to use up to 90% of available energy.


Once the battery can no longer hold sufficient charge to power the motors, it can be repurposed as a power reserve at charging stations or as a backup power supply in case of regular power source failures. At the end of its life cycle, Li-ion batteries can be dismantled for recycling.


Konecranes has received a Gold rating from EcoVadis three years in a row which shows that we are a leader in sustainability. Focusing on electrifying the offering is an enabling factor. Major industry awards like this help spark customer enthusiasm as we bring them the latest developments in our technology. Soon our customers will be able to enjoy the benefits of electrification and power up for the future through every one of our lift truck models,commented Andreas Falk, senior vice president, of Lift Trucks, Konecranes.


Additionally, the optimized weight distribution ensures the Konecranes E-VER electric forklift operates smoothly and reliably, with easy manoeuvrability in demanding industrial environments. The powerful motors enable fast lifting and quick acceleration, even when fully loaded on a slope. The ergonomic cabin design significantly reduces noise and vibrations, providing the operator with a wide, unobstructed view of the work area, enhancing both comfort and safety.


Moreover, the truck has numerous safety features, including a battery management system (BMS) that monitors battery condition, a thermal management system (TMS) that regulates the battery temperature, and a protective frame around the battery to prevent physical damage in the event of a collision. Redundant sensors throughout the machine provide information for faster analysis and safer operation.


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