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Wan Hai names new 13,100 TEU ship

Wan Hai Lines recently held a ship naming ceremony for WAN HAI A15 at the Samsung Heavy Industries Geoje shipyard, coinciding with a charity event on 29 March.


The ceremony was jointly presided over by S.A. Choi, vice chairman & CEO of Samsung Heavy Industries, and Tommy Hsieh, president of Wan Hai Lines.


Following the ceremony, WAN HAI A15 was delivered at the Geoje shipyard and commenced its journey to Shanghai Port to join Wan Hai Lines' Asia to the East Coast of North America service "AA7".


Also, WAN HAI A15 marks the eighth vessel in the 13,100 TEU series container ships built through collaboration between Wan Hai Lines and Samsung Heavy Industries. These boxships, boasting dimensions of 335 meters in length overall, 51 meters in breadth, and a draft of 16 meters, are equipped with environmentally friendly engines designed to promote energy efficiency and fuel savings.


Aligned with Wan Hai Lines' management philosophy of "Environmental Protection" and "Business Continuity", the vessels aim to enhance operational efficiency while minimizing environmental impact. With the gradual addition of the 13,100 TEU series vessels to its fleet, Wan Hai Lines anticipates enhancing competitiveness and strengthening operations in long-haul services.


In addition to naming the new vessel, the Taiwan-based carrier has extended its support to the local community through a donation to the Tongyeong Child Welfare Center in South Korea.


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