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Cargo-partner introduces intermodal rail links between Europe and Asia

  Global transport and logistics provider cargo-partner has introduced innovative intermodal rail transport solutions, connecting Europe with China and several other Asian countries.


  Presenting a swift, cost-effective, and eco-friendly alternative to traditional air and sea freight, cargo-partner leverages its extensive expertise in Full Container Load (FCL) and Less than Container Load (LCL) rail transports along the Iron Silk Road, facilitating seamless transportation to and from diverse Asian destinations.


  In response to challenges in the global sea freight market arising from the Red Sea crisis, cargo-partner has experienced heightened demand for reliable intermodal rail transport services. Successfully broadening its range, the company now offers seamless connections to and from multiple Asian countries, including Thailand and Taiwan.


  In February 2024, cargo-partner managed an intermodal FCL shipment from Thailand to Slovakia on behalf of a European electrical manufacturer.


  The shipment commenced with truck pickup in Thailand, reaching Chongqing, China, within six days. After export customs clearance and CFS stuffing at the bonded warehouse in Chongqing, the shipment was transported by rail to Małaszewicze, Poland.


  Finally, cargo-partner's team in Slovakia took charge of delivering the goods to the final consignee near Kosice. The entire door-to-door transit duration was completed in just 32 days.


  "Our competent Rail Transport team in China is well-prepared to handle the increasing demand for these efficient services, so we can offer our clients a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective intermodal overland transport solution," commented Felix Miletich, director of corporate product management in Rail Transport at cargo-partner.


  In November 2023, cargo-partner demonstrated its expertise in handling complex routes by successfully executing another intermodal transport. The cargo, comprising a 915.2 kg compressor on a pallet, embarked on its journey through LTL road transport from Bangkok, Thailand, passing through Laos and Vietnam before reaching the Pingxiang border in China.


  Subsequently, the consolidated container was transported by rail from Chongqing to Małaszewicze, Poland. This timeline underscores the operational efficiency of cargo-partner, with a remarkable total transit time from door to terminal of just 30 days.


  Moreover, cargo-partner continues to strengthen its position as an innovative global logistics provider through its array of intermodal routes. One notable offering is its regular sea freight LCL services from Taiwan to Shanghai, seamlessly followed by consolidated rail transport from Shanghai to Budapest. Already, several prominent European electronics and manufacturing firms are leveraging this efficient intermodal solution.


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