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CMA CGM, COSCO, Evergreen and OOCL extend OCEAN Alliance to 2032


On 27 February, the Chief Executive Officers of the CMA CGM Group, COSCO SHIPPING, Evergreen, and OOCL gathered in Shanghai to sign a Memorandum of Understanding, extending the operational cooperation of the OCEAN Alliance for an additional five years until 2032.


As a sustainable partnership, the OCEAN Alliance remains committed to supporting customers' supply chains and businesses by providing top-tier shipping solutions across a wide range of served ports, offering direct calls and optimal transit times.


Established in the spring of 2017, the OCEAN Alliance stands as the largest operational shipping network globally, serving as a cornerstone for international trade routes. It continuously delivers agile and innovative solutions to customers, fueled by its robust network within the industry.


With a commitment to achieving Net Zero by 2050, the CMA CGM Group is actively implementing cutting-edge solutions to minimize the environmental impact of shipping and logistics. By 2027, the company aims to operate over 120 containerships fueled by alternative green fuels, with some already in service across the OCEAN Alliance network.


According to a statement, for seven consecutive years, the OCEAN Alliance has played a vital role in maintaining a stable supply chain while adhering to all relevant laws and regulations. With this extension, the alliance remains dedicated to its core objective: providing the highest level of service to partners and their customers in the years ahead.


"Since 2017, the CMA CGM Group has been committed alongside its partners within the OCEAN Alliance to combine the largest shipping network with best-in-class services. The decision to extend our cooperation for at least 5 more years forges our commitment to meet our customer's needs and build even more secure, reliable and sustainable supply chains. Our diversity is our strength, together we will continue to pioneer our industry," commented Rodolphe Saadé, chairman and CEO of the CMA CGM Group.


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