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ZIM adds Cai Mep Port call to Asia-East Med service rotation



On 8 January 2023, ZIM Integrated Shipping Services unveiled an enhancement to its ZMP service, a pivotal route linking Asia with East Mediterranean.


The latest development includes the incorporation of an additional call at the Cai Mep Port in Vietnam. The revised service will be as follows:


Pusan (South Korea) Qingdao (China) Ningbo (China) Shanghai (China) Da Chan Bay (China) Cai Mep (Vietnam) Colombo (Sri Lanka) Haifa (Israel) Ashdod (Israel) Mersin (Türkiye) Derince (Türkiye) Istanbul (Türkiye) Da Chan Bay (China) Xiamen (China) Pusan (South Korea)


According to the Israeli container carrier, with this new route, ZIM positions itself as the only major carrier providing a direct connection from Vietnam, one of Southeast Asia's rapidly expanding economies, to the East Mediterranean.


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