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MSC proceeds with acquisition strategy making another bid for French logistics firm

MSC has submitted a bid to buy a 42% stake in French logistics company Clasquin, continuing its acquisition strategy.


Chairman of Clasquin Yves Revol and Lyon-based private equity firm Olymp are the controlling shareholders of Clasquin and announced they have entered into exclusive negotiations with MSC's subsidiary SAS Shipping Agencies Services Sàrl (SAS) with a view to the sale of all of their shares.


According to Clasquin's statement, this exclusivity has been granted by Revol and Olymp following the receipt of a non-binding offer from SAS to allow the latter to carry out an audit of Clasquin SA and the companies of its Group.


The shareholders should take their decision by the end of the first quarter of 2024, while the purchase price of the shares "would be determined on the basis of an enterprise value of 325 million and after taking into account adjustments to be agreed between the parties."


The completion of the transaction would be subject to obtaining clearances from the competent authorities, including competition clearances.


Following the acquisition of the controlling shareholdings of Revol and Olymp, SAS would file a public tender offer with the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) for the remaining shares in the capital of Clasquin SA.


The Clasquin Group would continue to operate its activities with its teams and under the Group's brands (Clasquin, Timar, LCI-Clasquin Cargolution, CVL, Exaciel in particular).


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