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Patrick Terminals to introduce container management solution



Patrick Terminals and OneStop announced the introduction of OptiBook, a container management solution integrated with the OneStop Vehicle Booking System.


OptiBook is going to provide Patrick Terminals customers with enhanced visibility of container status, expedited access to available containers, and an improved slot booking process.


Additionally, the new system will facilitate more efficient truck bookings for available containers that have been cleared and discharged, and provide a transparent process for confirming truck bookings.


OptiBook will first be introduced at Patricks Melbourne terminal on 3 December 2023, representing positive advancements in landside container management, using geofencing technology and providing real-time visibility into container availability.


Patrick Terminals also integrates with the OneStop Deliver App, a user-friendly platform designed to provide carriers with access to real-time communications, seamless job allocation and eliminate cumbersome manual processes.


Therefore, OneStop has designed OptiBook to incorporate feedback from landside operators.


Sam Askin, CEO of OneStop, commented, "We are delighted to introduce the OptiBook platform at Patrick Terminals in Melbourne. OptiBook is an exciting solution designed to modernise and streamline container transportation management. OneStop looks forward to partnering with industry to roll out the OptiBook solution"


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