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Port of Halifax publishes report on building workforce capacity for net-zero future



The workforce development team at the Port of Halifax in Canada has released its report on green skills for a net-zero economy.


This is part of the Port of Halifax's continuous efforts to cultivate a skilled and diverse workforce, which includes Work Integrated Learning (WIL) programs, hackathons, seminars, and other activities.


The study is based on contributions from the Nova Scotia Apprenticeship Agency and The PIER's innovation ecosystem.


"Building future capacity for an industry that is evolving towards greater sustainability is absolutely critical," stated Sherry Scully, director of Workforce Development at the Port of Halifax and author of the report.


Sherry Scully added, "This study endeavours to understand and highlight the green skillsneeded for a net-zero future, and the roles that industry, individuals, and government can play in building future capability."


Many firms continue to hire from traditional cohorts with traditional skill sets, expecting their employees not only to prosper in an ever-changing sector but also to lead the way in navigating a green move toward a net-zero economy.


This research demonstrates that there is an urgent need for an informed and crucial strategy for growing and curating a company's personnel.


Furthermore, the report sees a bright future for developing green skills, new federal, provincial, and industry programs are being launched to better identify and develop the green skills that will help the country achieve its objective of establishing a net-zero economy.


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