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Port of Osaka sees lower box volumes in July

According to preliminary data published by the Osaka Ports and Harbours Bureau, the Port of Osaka handled 166,982 TEUs in July, translating to an 11% decrease from the same month in 2022.


For two consecutive months, the Japanese port has reported year-over-year declines.


In July, Osaka port moved 75,395 TEUs of exports, representing a 12% drop, and 91,587 TEUs of imports, which is a 10% fall.


Focussing on loaded containers, which totalled 121,433 TEUs, a 9% y-o-y decrease, exports gained 4% to 34,043 TEUs, while imports fell by 13% to 87,390 TEUs and empty containers fell 16% to 45,549 TEUs.


In the first seven months (January-July) of the year, 1.15 million TEUs were transparoted to and from Osaka in a 6% decrease from the same period in the previous year. Exports accounted for 530,604 TEUs, a 4% decrease, while imports accounted for the remaining 617,156 TEUs, a 7% decline.


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