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Container dwell time at San Pedro Bay Ports stays stable in July



During the month of July, cargo passing through the San Pedro Bay Port complex and destined for local distribution by truck remained at port terminals for an average of 3.2 days.


According to a statement, the July results were consistent with the June average of 2.9 days. A 3-day average is within the typical range and indicates that the supply chain is running well.


Dwell time for rail cargo remained relatively stable in July, with cargo staying an average of 4.1 days at terminals, in comparison to a total of four days the previous month.


Furthermore, the proportion of containers that stay for five or more days is an essential component in determining the average dwell duration for local and rail-bound containers.


In July, 10.2% of local boxes dwelled for more than five days, while 24% of rail-bound containers dwelled for the same period.


"The seamless facilitation of container movement through marine terminals, guaranteeing timely delivery of imported goods continues to be a top priority for terminal operators," stated Michele Grubbs, vice president of the Pacific Merchant Shipping Association (PMSA).


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