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PIL starts new service to enhance Yemen coverage

Pacific International Lines (PIL) has announced the launch of new Intra-Redsea Feeder 2 (IR2) service with a direct call to Hodeidah in Yemen.


IR2 complements PILs existing Intra-Redsea Feeder 3 service (IR3) which covers Aden in Yemen. With this new service of IR2, PIL will expand its presence in Yemen.


More specifically, IR2 will commence on 29 June 2023 from Djibouti, served by PILs vessel Kota Rahmat.


Tonnie Lim, chief trade officer of PIL, commented, "The launch of IR2 is part of our aim to continually improve our connectivity from Asia to the Middle East. The broadening of our presence in Yemen conveys our confidence in the country and allows us to capitalise on the growth potential of the Middle East region."


The rotation of the IR2 service will be Djibouti - Hodeidah (Yemen) Djibouti




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